DF Photos Site Plan de travail

DF Photos Site Plan de travail

A vineyard producing AOC Côte de Provence wine made with traditional know-how

The Domaine de Fauveris has about 5 hectares of vines, harvested by hand and matured with traditional know-how. It offers a very limited production of 7000 bottles a year, producing a wine made only from Fauveris grapes.
At the beginning of its existence, the Domaine de Fauveris, nicknamed the Red Castle by the Lorguais compared to its facade, was agricultural, wine and olive-growing; many olive trees are still present to testify.

« The vineyards of Domaine de Fauveris, it’s a story that lasts … I discovered the Domaine when I was a teenager, at that time I was a butcher’s apprentice. I learned the viticultural profession through passion and thanks to the love of agriculture transmitted by my grandfather, himself a farmer. In 1983, I returned to the Estate to replant 1.5 hectares of vines, 1 hectare again, then 2 hectares … I choose techniques that favor the grape variety, because it is with old vines that we make the fine wine ! »

Mr. BLANC, winemaker in charge of the maintenance of the vineyards of the Domaine de Fauveris

The vineyard in the AOC Côte de Provence, produced mostly from Rosé with Cinsault and Syrah varietals, offering a rosé wine with fruity notes, as well as a good structure combining finesse and freshness.

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Can we visit the vineyards?

You can discover our vines and offer you a tasting moment in the heart of the Domaine. Enjoy the natural environment and make a journey of olfactory and gustatory flavours, surrounded by a forest of oaks and olive trees.

Tasting and sale possible on site – Contact 06 17 39 40 26 –